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Type Journal Article - Opción
Title Ámbitos para trabajar la igualdad y la visibilidad de la mujer: Los nuevos modelos de familia. Una propuesta para la educación preescolar
Volume 32
Issue 13
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2016
URL http://www.produccioncientifica.luz.edu.ve/index.php/opcion/article/view/21886
The research focuses on preschool and family models, by means
of a mixed methodological design. 10 textbooks have been
analyzed as well as the understandings of 19 five year-old
schoolchildren from Toledo (Spain). Between pretest and posttest, a
story which favors new family structures was read in the classroom.
The examined texts show a traditional family idea. After the
intervention, children’s perceptions reveal some changes.
Introducing sexual-affective education in school and developing
suitable teaching material can be suggested. In

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