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Type Working Paper
Title Labour market and education: Youth and Unemployment in the Spotlight
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
URL http://sahwa.eu/eng/content/download/859/6829/version/1/file/Ummuhan Bardak, Labour Market and​Education. Youth and Unemployment in the Spotlight, IEMed Yearbook 2014, 2014..pdf
Since the global economic crisis, youth employment
prospects have worsened continuously throughout
the world, in developed, transition and developing
countries alike. The situation is particularly acute in
the Arab Mediterranean Countries (AMCs) as a result
of additional specific factors. As well as the
global economic crisis, some countries experienced
extraordinary political changes in what is now called
the Arab Spring. ‘Employment, Liberty, Dignity’ was
the slogan of the Jasmin Revolution of January 2011
in Tunisia, which created a domino effect across the
whole region. The initial economic impact of the
Arab Spring was rather negative owing to political
turbulence and social unrest, which have had a particular
impact on the tourism, production and export
sectors and on foreign direct investment.

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