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Title Reducing Economic Inequality In South Asia In The Post Liberalisation Era.: The Gandhian Perspective
URL http://paperroom.ipsa.org/papers/paper_56948.pdf
The developing countries in the South Asia are facing the challenges of
inequality on multiple fronts in post liberalization era. These countries of the region
including India are struggling with the problems of poverty, poor infrastructure,
malnutrition, scarcity of drinking water and increasing gap between the rich and poor.
This Research Paper gives insight into Gandhian solution for social and
economic inequalities, Mahatma Gandhi was in favour of self-sufficient economy where
the villages would be independent economic units. He had also given trusteeship theory.
He was a strong believer of social and economic justice. He was against the materialistic
and capitalistic society which has influenced the world since 1990, under Liberalization
and Globalisation. This paper explores the philosophy of Gandhi to eradicate economic
and social inequality in South Asia.

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