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Type Journal Article - International Journal of English, Literature and Social Science
Title An Assessment of Ecotourism Potentials in Kupe Muanenguba Division, South West Region, Cameroon
Volume 2
Issue 3
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2017
Page numbers 63-76
URL http://ijels.com/upload_document/issue_files/8 IJELS-JUN-2017-4-An Assessment of Ecotourism​Potentials in Kupe.pdf
Kupe Muanenguba Division (KMD) can be
termed as an ecotourism cornucopia because of her
richness in floral and faunal biodiversity, juxtaposed with
beautiful terrain and lakes as well as a wonderful cultural
mix. The main objective of this study was to identify and
assess the ecotourism potentials in the division so as to
create awareness to nationals and foreign tourists on
what this division is endowed with. Data for this study
consisted of primary and secondary sources. Primary
sources of data collection included on-the-spot
observation, interviews and the use of camera. The
Geographic Positioning System (GPS) was also used to
map out the ecotourism potentials and tourism
infrastructures in KMD. Secondary sources of data
collected included literature from published and
unpublished sources such as: text books, articles,
journals, reports of research organizations and theses.
Stratified and purposive sampling techniques were used
in the administration of the questionnaires. Results
revealed that KMD is endowed with rich ecotourism
potentials that are still lying unharnessed meanwhile
others are not even known to all and sundry. The study
has recommended amongst others that the Cameroon
government should involve the indigenous people (by
employing them and taking their own opinions into
account) in the protection and conservation of the natural
resources and involve them in all ecotourism activities.

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