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Type Journal Article - International Journal of Innovative Research and Development
Title The Impact of Urbanization on the Vegetation of Yaounde,(Cameroon)
Volume 6
Issue 5
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2017
Page numbers 6-18
URL http://www.ijird.com/index.php/ijird/article/viewFile/115149/79930
The Yaounde agglomeration epitomizes the rapidly expanding settlements at the pinnacle of the tropical evergreen forest of
Central Africa. The repercussions of this rapid expansion have resulted in untold environmental stresses and other problems to
City dwellers and Managers. This study stood to canvass the particular impact of urban expansion on the vegetation cover in a
bid to contribute to solutions that would enhance a lucid/sound urban environmental system.
The research methodology that has been adapted to establish this article combines both classical and empirical approaches.
These entailed the use of topographical maps, Aerial Figuregraphs and Satellite images. Other information was canvassed by
way of questionnaires, interviews and Focus Group Discussions.
The results reveal that there has been a rapid expansion in settlement types in the Yaounde Metropolis and as sprawl develops,
there has been an increased depletion of the flora of the area. The results also reveal that the degradation of forest vegetation is
due to the need of materials for the construction of homes, the use of fuel wood or charcoal, wood works as well as the quest of
space for urban agriculture amongst an array of other forcings.
The measures that have been proposed are those that are ecologically sound, socially just, adaptable and flexible and even
economically viable. They include the elaboration of urban forestry/fuel wood plantation and agroforestry with reference to
home gardens, rotational/intercropping and alley/strip cropping. All of these would be integrated in the urban planning system in
an effort towards achieving a sustainable or Bio/ Eco-city.

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