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Type Journal Article - Studies
Title A Missiological Accessment of the State and Christianity in Nepal
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2013
The Nepalese church is one of the fast growing churches
in the world today. This country used to shut its door to Christian
missions. The Roman Catholic priests entered Nepal in the early
eighteenth century and resided for several decades. However,
their work came to an abrupt end when the Gorkha kingdom
united the country. For almost a hundred years, Protestant
missionaries ministered to the Nepalese along the Indian border.
Only a handful of Christians and missionaries were allowed
to enter the nation in 1951. However, they were not allowed
to convert the Hindu into Christians. As of 2011, in Nepal,
there were 375,699 Christians. And there are 2,799 churches in the country.1)

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