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Type Journal Article - Centre for Chinese and South-East Asian Studies, JNU
Title Investments and Cultural Affinities: India and China Struggle for Influence in Nepal
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
With both India and China undergoing a project of nation state building, its
exertions can be seen and felt in the context of Nepal. This has been seen
especially from the 1950’s onwards, which in the present period has been
deemed by China as a “win win” situation for all players included in the game.
Nepal being one of the only two buffer states between India and China (the
other being Bhutan) after the incorporation of Tibet into China, has also acted
as a point of confluence for the two nations. This confluence can also be seen
as a result of the increasing influence the two nations try to exert in Nepal.
This paper will look into this struggle for greater influence between China and
India in Nepal and the effect it has had on political dynamics in the latter. One
measure of the influence exerted by the two nations will be calculated in terms
of the amount of investments made by the two nations in Nepal. An exploration
will also be made of cultural affinities (language, religion and traditional customs)
that Nepal shares with India and with Tibet/China and if these affinities help
either country’s attempts to exercise greater influence in Nepal.

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