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Type Book Section - Comparative legal aspects of the potential of renewable energies to promote energy security, sustainable development and climate change mitigation: Germany, South Africa and Namibia
Title Perspectives on Energy Security and Renewable Energies in Sub-Saharan Africa
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2016
Page numbers 117-172
URL https://su-plus.strathmore.edu/bitstream/handle/11071/4458/Perspectives on energy security and​renewable energies in Sub-Saharan Africa.pdf?sequence=1#page=132
Energy security is one of the most important topics of our times. Energy is an essential
requirement for all fields of our daily life, for the functioning of social and political
systems, businesses, and communication, and for economic growth and sustainable
development, among others. Primary energy is embodied in natural resources such as
crude oil, natural gas and coal, which have to undergo anthropogenic conversion in
order to become usable energy. Another type of energy is renewable energy, which is
obtained from the continuing or repetitive flows of energy occurring in the natural
environment and includes low-carbon technologies such as solar energy, hydropower, wind,
tide and waves and ocean thermal energy, as well as renewable fuels such as biomass.

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