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Type Thesis or Dissertation - Master Thesis
Title Private means to public space and order: the private policing of public space in Makati, Philippines
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2012
URL https://brage.bibsys.no/xmlui/bitstream/handle/11250/187893/SMW MA Thesis 2012.pdf?sequence=1
This study explores the private security industry in the Philippines through the private policing of mass private property (quasi-public space) in Makati. The study has also sought to ascertain which possible consequences the policing of mass private property has had on surrounding public space. Private policing of quasi-public space takes on a global character through its manifestation in malls, gated communities, office complexes, recreational parks, and country clubs. As a result, its commonality elicits further research on the matter. How did this trend emerge? Who does the policing? And what is private security’s relationship with private property? By first deconstructing what policing really means, this paper identifies, discusses, and investigates the role of each component constitutive and influential on policing activity. The paper then analyzes this sequential information from a private security perspective. The purpose for isolating the various components is to ensure transferability of established theory on the matter of private policing to a Filipino context. A descriptive chapter on relevant topics in Makati such as demographics, land use, crime, and the private security industry form the contextual backdrop. The case study on private policing activity in Forbes Park is then analyzed within the theoretical framework and contextual backdrop of Metro Manila.

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