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Type Conference Paper - International workshop on the UNESCO-IGCP project: “Anthropogenic Effects on the Human Environment in the Neogene Basins in the SE Europe”, 2011, Ljubljana - Slovenia
Title Heavy metals distribution in soil from Kičevo Basin, Republic of Macedonia
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2011
URL https://e-lib.ugd.edu.mk/resursi/unesco_w/Workshop III 2011.pdf#page=72
Data from the study of spatial distribution of various elements in surface soil over of the
Kičevi basin, Republic of Macedonia, known for its coal mine and thermoelectical power
plant activities are reported. The investigated region is covered by a sampling grid of 2×2
; with the denser grid in the urban zone and around the thermoelectric power plant (1×1
). In total 52 top soil samples (0–5 cm) were collected. The samples were analysed by inductively
coupled plasma - atomic emission spectrometry (ICP-AES) Data analysis and
construction of maps were performed using the Paradox (ver. 9), Statistica (ver. 6.1),
AutoDesk Map (ver. 2008) and Surfer (ver. 8.09) software. Three natural geochemical
associations has been defined (Cr-Ni-Li-Co-Fe-As; Al-Ca-Mg-Sr and Ba-K-Cu).

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