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Type Journal Article - International Journal of Learning, Teaching and Educational Research
Title Impact of Culture on Communication Interactions: Case of Mixed Ethnic Secondary Schools in Botswana
Volume 1
Issue 1
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
Page numbers 58-77
URL http://www.ijlter.org/index.php/ijlter/article/view/63
Culture can be defined as a complex concept that is central to our own
communication interactions. In this study I examined circumstances under
which differences in cultures among students at Community Junior
Secondary School level in Botswana impact or do not impact
communication in all aspects of their everyday life. The advent of
globalization coupled with an increase in inter-tribal marriages has turned
our classrooms into potential melting pots for multiculturalism and
multilingualism. On the other hand, very little research has been conducted
on intercultural communication between culturally diverse students‟
populations in the country. In order to assess this hypothesis, this research
relied on theoretical and empirical data from a survey conducted among 26
participants in schools in the North and North West Districts of Botswana. I
used part of multiple case studies, interviews and questionnaires to collect
data and obtain multiple views from participants. Summative evaluation
results based on 26 secondary school going students, revealed that 96.2% of
the participants maintained social interactions and communication with
schoolmates of cultural background other than their own despite instances
where the intercultural experiences were unpleasant due to lack of respect,
feelings of inequality, and non acceptance.

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