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Type Journal Article - Africa today
Title Socio-moralist vocationalism and public aspirations: secondary education policies in colonial and present-day Ghana
Volume 52
Issue 1
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2005
Page numbers 71-94
URL http://www.africabib.org/rec.php?RID=294692991
This paper examines the socio-moralistic justifi cation of
vocational education in colonial and contemporary Ghana.
In the international arena, vocational education has been
justifi ed in various ways (mostly in economic terms), but in
Ghana, the primary reason for introducing vocational education
has always been the development of socially appropriate
character, as a means of halting social problems such as
urban migration and unemployment. The consistent sociomoralism
of vocational education has been met with persistent
public aspirations for academic and longer education.
The government has attempted to solve social problems by
curricular change, but the causes of the problems are in labor
structure and the incentive mechanism of schooling

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