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Type Journal Article - International Journal of Applied Research
Title Origins of federalism: A case of Nepal
Volume 2
Issue 5
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2016
Page numbers 1007-1012
URL http://www.allresearchjournal.com/archives/2016/vol2issue5/PartO/2-5-57-411.pdf
There is debate in the academic literature about the origins of federal political system since long time
back. This study is an attempt to unfold the issue by analysing the socio-political developments and
circumstances vis-à-vis origin of federalism in case of Nepal. This study finds that the Livingston’s
“sociological theory” adequately explains the formation and origin of Federalism in case of Nepal.
Firstly, Nepal is a case of federalism that has been created through the process of devolution (disaggregation)
not through aggregation; secondly it has been created through many political negotiations
held by the government of Nepal in response to the demands of various ethno-regional groups of the
society, thirdly federalism as a political system has been adopted to replace the centralised monarchical
unitary system dominated by single identity. Fourthly it has been evolved as the antidote to the
exclusionary nature of the state as well as to accommodate the socio-cultural diversity.

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