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Type Thesis or Dissertation - Bachelor of Natural Resources
Title Improving Solid Waste Management in the Dar Es Salaam Coastal Belt, Tanzania
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2014
URL https://www.theseus.fi/bitstream/handle/10024/80139/IMPROVING+WASTE+MANAGEMENT+IN+DAR+ES+SALAAM+CITY​+COASTAL+BELT+.pdf?sequence=1
The aim of the study was to understand the factors which influence the state of solid waste
management in the Dar-es- Salaam Coastal Belt, Tanzania. The research used semi-structured
and structured interviews, group discussions, field observations and review of various
literatures as the major methods of the study. Questionnaires were used for interviews. Results
showed poor community awareness (except students and beach goers) of solid waste
management and its significance; and of how waste management functions in the
municipality. Results on the factors influencing solid waste generation were: waste generation
increased with increase of population; habits of domestic food preparation generated food
leftovers as waste; over use of plastic bags and containers; reliance on waste disposal rather
than waste prevention. Results on factors influencing inadequate solid waste collection were:
unplanned (squatter) settlements which are not easily accessible; inadequate waste collection
facilities and equipment, lack of motivation within waste collection companies and lack of
enforcement of municipal bylaws. The situation can be improved by providing environmental
and waste management education, enforcement of waste management bylaws and enactment
of national solid waste management legislation and strategy based on the waste management
hierarchy as it is in the European Union and South Africa

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