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Working Paper
Black, Richard, Savina Ammassari, Shannon Mouilleseaux, and Radha Rajkotia. "Migration and Pro-Poor Policy in West Africa." Development Research Centre on Migration, Globalisation and Poverty Working Paper , no. C8 (2004).
Black, Richard, Jonathan Crush, Sally Peberdy, Savina Ammassari, Lyndsay M Hilker, Shannon Mouillesseaux, Claire Pooley, and Radha Rajkotia. Migration and development in Africa: An overview. : Southern African Migration Project and the Centre for Globalization, Poverty and Migration of Sussex University, 2006.
Black, Richard, Russell King, Julie Litchfield, Savina Ammassari, and Richmond Tiemoko. Transnational migration, return and development in West Africa. 2003.
Journal Article
Ammassari, Savina. "Migration and development: New strategic outlooks and practical ways forward: The cases of Angola and Zambia." IOM Migration Research Series (2005).
Journal Article
Mbouyou, Eric Steve Tamo. "‪ Envois de fonds des migrants, pauvrete et inegalites de revenu au Cameroun‪." Revue Europeenne des Migrations Internationales 30, no. 3 (2014): 181-200.
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