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Working Paper
Tafere, Kibrom, Alemayehu S Taffesse, Seneshaw Tamiru, Nigussie Tefera, and Zelekawork Paulos. "Food demand elasticities in Ethiopia: Estimates using household income consumption expenditure (HICE) survey data." Ethiopia Strategy Support Program 2 (ESSP2)/ Discussion Paper (2010).
Working Paper
Berhane, Guush, Zelekawork Paulos, Kibrom Tafere, and Seneshaw Tamiru. "Foodgrain consumption and calorie intake patterns in Ethiopia." Ethiopia Strategy Support Program II (ESSP II) (2011).
Conference Paper
Mogues, Tewodaj, Gezahegne Ayele, Zelekawork Paulos, and Shenggen Fan. "How Effective is Public Spending? Public Investment Composition and Rural Welfare in Ethiopia." American Agricultural Economics Association (AAEA) Annual Meeting, 23-26 July 2006. July 23, 2006.
Ayele, Gezahegn, and Zelekawork Paulos. The bang for the birr: Public expenditures and rural welfare in Ethiopia. : Intl Food Policy Res Inst, 2008.
Journal Article
Paulos, Dagmawi, Mekonnen Addis, Abebe Fromsa, and Berhanu Mekibib. "Prevalence of gastrointestinal helminthes among dogs and owners perception about zoonotic dog parasites in Hawassa Town, Ethiopia." Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology 4, no. 8 (2012): 205-209.
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