3S-management: Management by spirituality, sensitivity and sustainability

Type Journal Article - Elixir Management
Title 3S-management: Management by spirituality, sensitivity and sustainability
Volume 36
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2011
Page numbers 3574-3580
During the recent phase of globalization many companies have contributed towards improved social development, through providing jobs, building an industrial base, paying taxes, earning foreign exchange, they have also been linked publicly to interference in sovereign affairs, deepening disparities in wealth, poor labor conditions, corruption, transfer pricing, pollution incidents, health and safety failings, and the disrespect of human rights (Warhurst 1998). There are, appreciably, several cases of companies in India involved in diverse issues such as health-care, education, rural development, sanitation, micro-credit and women empowerment, arts, heritage, culture, and conservation of wildlife and nature, etc. In Vedic mythology, business has been seen as a legitimate, integral part of the society. Its core function is to create wealth for the society through manufacturing, domestic distribution, foreign trade, financing and other such related activities. (Arora and Puranik 2004; Talwar 2008,). This paper provide a review of ancient literature for the management of Indian corporate culture with special reference Spirituality, Sensitivity and Sustainability. It proposed a theoretical framework in terms of 3S-Management model for the instrument development and testing in future research.

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