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Type Journal Article
Title Stories of women with disabilities pursuing employment in Guyana: As employees or as entrepreneurs
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2005
URL http://english.aifo.it/disability/documents/country_reports/Karenhall-guyana-diswomen.pdf
Women with disabilities who are able to find employment in Guyana have had to struggle with a number of barriers related to the work environment and those pursuing self-enterprise with little support systems relating to entrepreneurial activities. Although over the past decade more data havebeen available regarding employment it’s rather indefinable in describing the employment experiences of disabled women because these data lack the statistical component. The major stakeholders (people with disabilities, funding agencies, and support agencies, organisations and employers et cetera) need this evidence to plan holistic programmes geared towards creating employment supports for women with disabilities. My research goal therefore is to listen and document the findings from the stories of twenty women with disabilities and will compare the findings to the National Development Strategy and the community work carried out by local women organisations. I use the social theory section oncommunity economic development programmes to carve a format of intervention that the women couldfind acceptable

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