Rapid Urban Growth and Poverty in Dhaka city

Type Journal Article - Bangladesh e-Journal of Sociology
Title Rapid Urban Growth and Poverty in Dhaka city
Volume 5
Issue 1
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2008
Page numbers 1-24
URL http://www.bangladeshsociology.org/BEJS 5.1 Rapid Urban Growth and Poverty final.pdf?q=dhaka
The paper aims to explore the nature of urban growth and poverty in Dhaka City, Bangladesh. It has highlighted the city of Dhaka as the urbanisation of the whole country is interlinked with the intense development of the city. The paper is based on data collected through surveys of population censuses and relevant studies. It reveals that the historical process of urban development of Dhaka City presents various trends based on its political development. The rapid urbanisation of the city since its emergence as the capital of an independent state is due mainly to massive migration of rural population. The paper also reveals that significant portions of the city dwellers are settled mostly in slums and squatter settlements and are living below the poverty lines as the rapid urban growth of the city is not commensurate with its overall development. The paper, however, argues that the experience of poverty in the city of Dhaka follows the pattern of urbanisation without development, the opposite of the expectations and aspirations of the poor there.

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