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Type Journal Article - Research Partnerships Build the Service Field in Africa
Title Issues in service and volunteerism in Botswana
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2007
Page numbers 24-37
URL http://www.vosesa.org.za/publications_pdf/research_partnerships.pdf#page=26
Volunteerism, prominent in Botswana’s development,
declined in the 1980s, but re-emerged in the 1990s following
the government’s emphasis on cost sharing, participation,
mutual social responsibility, state-community partnerships
and social justice in addressing socio-economic development.
The article discusses the evolution and the concept of service in
the country, which reflects both “traditional” and “modern”
ideas about service. The issues and challenges arising from
the changing national socio-economic development context,
the gender, class and age profile of servers, and institutional
and organisational aspects are considered, concluding with
a call for the review and redirection of service policies and
programmes in Botswana.

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