Fertility trends in Cambodia

Type Conference Paper - IUSSP Regional Population Conference
Title Fertility trends in Cambodia
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2002
City Bangkok
Country/State Thailand
URL http://archive.iussp.org/Bangkok2002/S02Dasvarma.pdf
A few demographic inquiries in the recent past have produced estimates of fertility and mortality in Cambodia. Data on fertility in Cambodia are available with a greater degree of frequency since 1990, but were scanty before that period. Because of the unsatisfactory vital registration system in Cambodia, indirect techniques are employed to estimate fertility and mortality in the country. The most recent estimates of fertility in Cambodia range between a total fertility rate (TFR) of 5.3 in 1993-1998 (NIS 1999a) and 4.0 in 1995-2000 (NIS et al., 2001). This would imply a decline by more than 24% in about two years. Questions arise whether such a large-scale decline has really happened, particularly when the contraceptive prevalence among married women has increased from 16.1% in 1998 (NIS 1996) to only 18.5% in 2000 (NIS et al., 2001). Is the TFR of 5.3 for 1993-1998 an over-estimate, or is that of 4.0 for 1995-2000 an under-estimate, or both? This paper aims to examine trends in fertility in Cambodia based on available
estimates and comment on their methods of estimation with particular reference to the most recent estimates. The consistency of the recent fertility estimates in relation to the proximate determinants of fertility is also discussed. Lastly, alternative estimates based on more appropriate indirect techniques are presented and discussed for the most recent periods. However, as background information, available evidence on the past trends in Cambodian fertility is presented first.

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