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Type Journal Article - Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference
Title Randomized Response Techniques: An Application to the Botswana AIDS Impact Survey
Volume 140
Issue 4
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2010
Page numbers 941-953
URL http://cat.inist.fr/?aModele=afficheN&cpsidt=22280121
The performance of the sampling strategy used in the Botswana Aids Impact Survey II (BAISII) has been studied in detail under a randomized response technique. We have shown that alternative strategies based on the Rao–Harley–Cochran (RHC) sampling scheme for the selection of first stage units perform much better than other strategies. In particular, the combination RHC for the selection of first stage units (fsu's) and systematic sampling for the selection of second stage units (ssu's) perform the best when the sample size is small where as the RHC and SRSWOR perform the best when the sample size is large. In view of the present findings it is recommended that the BAISII survey should be studied in more detail incorporating more indicators and increased sample sizes. This is because the BAISII survey design is extensively in use for large scales surveys in Southern African countries.

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