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Type Journal Article - Cad. Saúde Pública
Title Utilização de Serviços Odontológicos por Crianças de 0 a 5 Anos de Idade no Município de Canela, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil
Volume 24
Issue 1
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2008
Page numbers 150-156
URL http://www.scielosp.org/pdf/csp/v24n1/14.pdf
The aim of this study was to assess the use of dental services and age at first dental visit in preschool children in Canela, Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil. A representative sample of underfive children was surveyed on National Children’s Vaccination Day. Children’s parents completed questionnaires containing socio-demographic data and age at first dental visit. Data were analyzed using multiple logistic regression. 192 children were examined. 13.3% of the sample had already visited the dentist at least once, but only 4.3% had their first dental visit by one year of age. The number of children who had already visited a dentist increased with age. Girls showed higher odds of having visited a dentist (OR = 1.46; 95%CI: 1.01-2.1). Public health strategies are needed to determine the effectiveness of health promotion and improve the use of dental services by preschool children.

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