State Policies towards Roma (Gypsies) in Black Sea Region

Type Conference Paper - 6th Silk Road International Conference" Globalization and Security in Black and Caspian Seas Region"
Title State Policies towards Roma (Gypsies) in Black Sea Region
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2011
City Tbilisi - Batumi
Country/State Georgia
In proposed paper we will present, compare and analyze the state policies towards Roma in the Black Sea region.
In the Black Sea countries for centuries are living in different Roma communities (in this case Roma used as summarizing
cover name). Over the past two decades the topic of Roma and their numerous problems is one of the most topical in
Europe. In the process of joining the European Union one of the conditions which the Union poses to the countries applying
for EU membership was solving the numerous problems of Roma population. These problems lead to tensions, which
create ethnic, religious and social conflicts, undermine the security and stability. This is the main reason why in some
countries an active state policy towards Roma is implemented (Bulgaria and Romania), other countries who have hopes for
EU future are prepared relevant state documents, without starting of specific actions (Ukraine and Moldova), third
(Turkey) are currently taking action in direction of developing of policy for Roma inclusion. In other countries of the Black
and Caspian Sea region (Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan), for which European integration is still a question of the future, the
topic of Roma is not yet on the agenda, but if they continue on their way to the Europe, it will inevitably become increasingly

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