Moldova–Transdniestria: Working Together for a Prosperous Future

Type Book
Title Moldova–Transdniestria: Working Together for a Prosperous Future
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2009
Publisher Cu drag Publishing House
City Chisinau
Country/State Moldova
The authors of this Collection of Essays – respected expert analysts from the spheres of economics,
sociology, political science and conflict studies from Chisinau, Tiraspol and Kherson – were tasked
with a common goal.
This goal consisted of the following components:
? To write innovative analytical essays – accessible not only to specialists and academics but to
a broader audience of readers – which include:
– An analysis of the impact of the conflict on particular spheres of social and economic
development of the two banks of the river Nistru / Dniester, in which the particular
experts specialise;
– Recommendations on possible options for solving the existing problems;
? To help consolidate and strengthen the capacity of the expert community to deal with the
Moldova-Transdniestria conflict - strengthening the influence of civil society in building
confidence and in the resolution of issues relevant to all inhabitants of the region;
? To influence the opinions and attitudes to conflict resolution of the elites, political actors,
public servants and the broader expert community on the two banks of the Nistru/Dniester
– by providing high quality, accessible analysis and policy proposals in the framework of
this publication.

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