Current Situation of Occupational Safety and Health in Nepal

Type Report
Title Current Situation of Occupational Safety and Health in Nepal
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2011
The safety of workplace is an essential component of efficiency and
productivity. In a working environment, one must be able to ensure that
the worker have been provided with required safety equipment. Most
often, it is the labor in developing countries that faces the brunt of the
safety problems. At times their safety is ignored and even when safety
tools are given, they can often be obsolete. Amongst other fields, the
industrial sector is often the one that requires the most attention in this
This study hopes to raise and reinvigorate the debate and discussion on
worker’s health and safety. The study evaluates workplace environment,
looks at frequently occurring safety issues in workplaces, measures the
awareness of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) within the labor body
and lastly, try to suggest possible measures to improve the conditions.
Through surveys conducted in different sectors and workplaces.
The study is mainly based on the primary data, analyzes the issue to
understand the core problems and suggested the key solutions.
The government, employer as well as the employee must closely observe
the Occupational Safety and Health of workers. While a legal framework
has been developed, the implementation of such legislation as well as
evolved enhancement is a must to keep up with the changing times.
The government must be collecting and updating statistics to have the
required data to enact the legislations. The employer must understand
that it is in his/her benefit to provide for a safe workplace and that they
must aim to put prevention and protection measures in place. The
employee must be aware of the safety requirements and directions as
well as it should work with the employer to discuss such measures

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