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Type Journal Article - Review of African Political Economy
Title Statistics versus livelihoods: questioning Rwanda’s pathway out of poverty
Volume 44
Issue 151
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2017
Page numbers 47-65
URL https://dial.uclouvain.be/pr/boreal/object/boreal:178765/datastream/PDF_01/view
Recent statistics indicate that poverty in Rwanda decreased impressively between
2006 and 2014. This seems to confirm Rwanda’s developmental progress. This
paper however argues for a more cautious interpretation of household survey data.
We contrast macro-level statistical analysis with in-depth field research on
livelihood conditions. Macro-economic numbers provide interesting information;
however, differentiated evidence is required to understand how poverty works. On
the basis of the Rwandan case study, we conclude that because the political stakes
of data collection and analysis are high, cross-checking is crucial.

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