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Type Journal Article - Etude de la Population Africaine
Title The influence of beliefs and attitudes about antiretroviral treatment on inconsistent condom use in Botswana
Volume 29
Issue 2
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2015
Page numbers 1749-1760
URL http://search.proquest.com/openview/474f2bd672ff9625ae22871f4c877e3a/1?pq-origsite=gscholar&cbl=2031​869
There is little evidence on the influence of attitudes and beliefs of people about ART and inconsistent
condom use in Botswana. Using the 2008 Botswana AIDS Impact Survey Data (BAIS III) this study
examined the influence of beliefs and attitudes of people about ART on inconsistent use of condoms. A
sample of 2087 men and women aged 15-64 years who had ever had sex and had completed BAIS III
individual questionnaire were considered for analysis. Bivariate and multivariate analyses were used to
explore the relationship between variables of interest. Results have shown that 23% of respondents
held the belief that ARVs cure AIDS. Multivariate analyses have shown positive association between the
belief that ARVs cure AIDS (OR, 1.2) and inconsistent condom use. Inconsistent condom use was also
associated with females (OR, 4.7), no education (OR, 1.9) Primary education (OR, 2.1), having ever
married (OR, 4.2) and living together (OR, 1.07). Results of this study underscore the need for
enhanced efforts to consolidate HIV prevention messages and the need for more widespread
dissemination of accurate information about ART.

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