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Type Working Paper
Title The dynamics of the land-use systems in Ngamiland: changing livelihood options and strategies
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2002
URL http://www.the-eis.com/data/literature_OK/Bendsen2.pdf
This paper describes the traditional land use systems in and around the Okavango Delta in terms of their spatial
coverage, job and income generation potential. It outlines which natural and socio-economic factors determine
the selection of certain resource use choices. Special emphasis is given to crop production and to the livestock
sector and their role in the multi-strand rural economy. The dynamics of the land use pattern in response to the
constant fluctuations of the natural conditions and livelihood strategies and options that people in Ngamiland
have adopted enable them to cope with this unstable environment. Finally, the paper explores the influence of
government programs and policies on the livelihood choices of people and stresses the role of increasing formal
employment opportunities, in particular in the fast growing tourism sector, as drivers of change.

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