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Type Thesis or Dissertation - Magister en Administración
Title Analisis de la competitividad empresarial en las pymes del sector del calzado del barrio el Restrepo de la ciudad de Bogota, a partir del factor humano
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2015
URL http://www.bdigital.unal.edu.co/50858/1/1098663057.2015.pdf
This research seeks to analyze the competitiveness in the small and medium
enterprises (SMEs) of the shoe sector in the El Restrepo neighborhood by the way
of studying how their human capital contributes to the improvement of the
competitiveness of these organizations. This is a qualitative research based on 25
interviews focused on entrepreneurs and workers of such industries. In addition,
we have done a fieldwork based on photography, day book and fieldwork notes.
The information has been processed and analyzed by the use of qualitative
analysis software such as Atlas Ti. 7.

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