Skill Development in India: An Examination

Type Journal Article - Journal of Education and Work
Title Skill Development in India: An Examination
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2013
Page numbers 1-22
Skill development has been a major policy agenda of the Indian government in the past few years. This paper sheds light on the current scenario and labour market outcomes of vocationally trained population. The paper is based on data from two recent rounds of nationally representative employment and unemployment survey. The paper shows that 2.4% of the population had vocational education and training in year 2004–2005 and this share has further declined to less than 2% in year 2009–2010, in the age bracket 15–29?years. Though unemployment rate of this group has declined by two percentage points between the two years, nevertheless, the extent of the rate has remained very high. Further, we compare the outcomes between formal and non-formal vocational trainees.

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