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Journal Article
Aboudrare, Abdellah, Aden Aw-Hassan, and Travis J Lybbert. "Importance Socio-economique du Safran pour les Menages des Zones de Montagne de la Region de Taliouine-Taznakht au Maroc." Revue Marocaine des Sciences Agronomiques et Veterinaires 2, no. 1 (2014): 5-14.
Working Paper
Andersona, Leigh C, and Travis Reynoldsb. "Common crop yield measures misrepresent productivity among smallholder farmers." (2014).
Conference Paper
Reynolds, Travis W, Leigh C Anderson, Elysia Slakie, and Mary Kay Gugerty. "How Common Crop Yield Measures Misrepresent Productivity among Smallholder Farmers." International Conference of Agricultural Economists. Milano, 2015.
Journal Article
Lybberta, Travis J, Abdellah Aboudrareb, Deborah Chaloudc, Nicholas Magnand, and Maliha Nashc. "Booming Markets for Moroccan Argan Oil Appear to Benefit some Rural Households while Threatening the Endemic Argan Forest." PNAS 108, no. 34 (2011): 13963-13968.
Anderson, Leigh C, Elysia Slakie, Travis Reynolds, and Mary Kay Gugerty. Do Common Yield Measures Misrepresent Productivity Among Smallholder Farmers?: a Plot-level Analysis of Rice Yields in Tanzania. : Evans School of Public Affairs, University of Washington, 2013.
Journal Article
Anderson, Leigh C, and Travis Reynolds. "Relating Seasonal Hunger, Coping and Prevention Strategies, and Household Nutrition: A Panel Analysis of Malawian Farm Households." Evans School Policy Analysis And Research (EPA R) (2016).
Book Section
Libbert, Travis, Kritika Saxena, Julius Ecuru, Dick Kawooya, and Sacha Wunsch-Vincent. "The Global Innobation Index." Enhancing Innovation in the Ugandan Agri-Food Sector: Progress, Constraints, and Possibilities (2017).
Journal Article
Murungi, Moses, Travis Fulton, Raquel Reyes, Michael Matte, Moses Ntaro, Edgar Mulogo, Dan Nyehangane, Jonathan J Juliano, Mark J Siedner, Yap Boum, and Ross M Boycee. "Improving the Specificity of Plasmodium falciparum Malaria Diagnosis in High-Transmission Settings with a Two-Step Rapid Diagnostic Test and Microscopy Algorithm." Journal of Clinical Microbiology 55, no. 5 (2017): 1540-1549.
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