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Type Journal Article - European Journal of Medicinal Plants
Title Types of Herbal Medicine Used for HIV Conditions in Vihiga County, Kenya
Volume 13
Issue 2
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2016
Page numbers 1-23
URL http://www.journalrepository.org/media/journals/EJMP_13/2016/Mar/Radol1322015EJMP23180.pdf
Aim: To identify types of herbal medicine used for HIV conditions in Vihiga county, Kenya.
Study Design: Qualitative ethno botanical survey.
Place and Duration of Study: Hamuyundi sub-location, west Sabatia location, Sabatia Sub
County, Vihiga County – Kenya. The study was carried out in December 2014.
Methodology: Information was obtained by interviewing Community health workers (CHW), as key
informants using an interview schedule. Hamuyundi community was selected on basis of having
the highest number of long serving CHW. All the 11 CHW were interviewed.
Results: Thirty six plant species belonging to 26 families were identified as medicine. The plant
species with most consensus for specific conditions were Cassia occidentalis L. for malaria/fever at36% and Justicia betonica (L.) for gastrointestinal conditions at 36%. Most plant species belonged
to Solanaceae, Labiateae and Rubiaceae. The most mentioned conditions for which plant
medicines were used were gastrointestinal and skin problems.
Conclusion: The majority of plants used by Hamuyundi community as medicine are supported by
literature as used elsewhere or contain bioactive compounds. The low consensus on plants used
as medicine for specific conditions shows the dynamic state of plant medicine application in HIV
conditions. The use of leaves as plant parts for medicine preparation shows the preservation
strategy of plant resources. The gastrointestinal and skin problems treated by majority of plant
medicines are common HIV associated diseases.

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