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Type Journal Article - Scholars Bulletin
Title The Examination of the Legal and Institutional Regulatory Framework for Broadcast Media in Kenya
Volume 2
Issue 6B
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2016
Page numbers 430-435
URL http://scholarsbulletin.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/SB-26B430-435.pdf
This article is a culmination of a study examining the legal and institutional framework that Kenya has for
regulating adult content in broadcast media. In that regard, the children‟s rights in relation to protection from broadcast
content as encapsulated in the Constitution of the republic of Kenya is considered. The relevant international conventions
that Kenya has ratified and how local laws seek to protect children from potentially harmful broadcast media is of
paramount interest. The researchers draw from the Kenya Information and Communication (Amendment) Act 2013, the
Kenya Information and Communication (Broadcasting) Regulations 2009 which are still relevant to the new
aforementioned Act, the Media Council of Kenya 2013 and the Children Act of Kenya. The objective is to examine
various regulations and laws and how they protect children from potentially harmful broadcast content in Kenya. The
findings establish various laws in Kenya providing for the regulation of broadcast media, which are implemented by two
media regulatory bodies: Media Council and Communications Authority of Kenya. The two regulatory bodies are the
two parallel public complaints systems to which Kenyans can launch complaints regarding media content. The writers
conclude that as things are currently, children in Kenya face a dangerous future in terms of their morals unless measures
are put in place to watchdog the fourth estate

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