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Type Working Paper - (unpublished draft)
Title Extended abstract a story of declining labour migration during last one and half decades in India
URL http://www.iussp.org/sites/default/files/event_call_for_papers/Extended_abs_labour_migration.pdf
Historically India has witnessed large scale labour mobility. Notwithstanding, little attempt has been made to analyse the trends of internal labour migration in the country (Bhagat, 2010). Results from the last two decadal censuses and three rounds of Indian National Sample Surveys show an increasing trend of migration. Interestingly, as marriage has been a dominant reason of migration particularly among women in India (Srivastava and Sasikumar, 2003) there is a need to scrutinize the migration trends by considering only the employment related reasons of migration. Therefore, present study aims to answer the question whether labour migration (migration due to employment related reasons) has increased or not during last one and half decade since the introduction of new economic policy in 1991 in the country? Indian National Sample Survey (NSS) collects the migration related data after every six to seven years. We have utilized last three available migration related rounds of NSS which were carried out in 1993, 1999-2000 and 2007-2008. In the present study, we have focussed to study the trends and patterns of labour migration in India. The paper also
endeavours to study the trends in labour migration among different social groups and monthly per capita expenditure classes and tries to assess the change in probability of labour migration among different socioeconomic factors using multivariate analysis.

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